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Silk’n vs No No Review

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No No ProYou cannot compare No No hair remover to Silk’n Flash & Go or any type of laser or light hair remover. This is because the two types of hair removers are so different. Also, there are no reviews or reports supporting the claims of No No that hair reduction occurs.

In light of the negative reviews and non-existent evidence of No No’s ability to reduce hair growth, it would be wise to pass on the No No. With its price so close to a Silk’n Flash & Go IPL Hair Remover $299 or even a Tria 4X Laser $449, buying one of these light style devices seems like the best option. Still interested in No-No? See below – NO NO ULTRA & PRO – THINK TWICE.


When reading reviews for No No hair remover, a common theme becomes clear. Many of those reviewing the No-No have negative opinions on its price and performance. There are also many reviewers who claim the smell of burning hair during use is very strong.

Over all, the large number of negative reviews all citing the same issues leads to the conclusion that No No is a brand to be very cautious with. If you do purchase a No No device, make certain you understand their return policy as far as how long the device can be returned after purchase.

Included in the reviews are reports of customers buying No No and using for 30 days with no results noticed as far as less hair growing back. When trying to return the product, No-No customer service tells them to try using the unit for another 30-60 days. Then, after the No-No is out of the return period, you have no choice but to keep it.

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