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Silkn vs TriaAt home lasers for permanent hair removal use either Lasers or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Both use the same principle of light heating pigment in the hair follicle to kill the hair root causing permanent hair removal.

Both laser and IPL are safe and effective. Lasers provide permanent hair removal faster than IPL but the cost of a laser is much higher. Let’s compare laser with IPL hair removers.



Tria 4X Laser-Lasers for hair removal use the light spectrum most effective at penetrating the skin to act on the pigment in the hair follicle.

-Lasers are corded or battery operated/rechargeable.

-Laser light is very effective for permanent hair removal.

-Laser hair removers require fewer treatments for permanent hair loss.

Treatment area for a laser is much smaller than an IPL – longer treatment times.

-Lasers are more expensive than IPL’s and laser cannot be replaced.

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Lifespan of Tria’s laser is approximately 100,000 flashes – Laser cannot be replaced. The treatment area of the Tria 4X Laser is 0.2 square inches.”

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-IPL’s use a high power flash lamp for hair removal.

-IPL light is a broader spectrum of light compared to lasers. The broad spectrum also heats darker blood vessels that nourish the follicle lending to permanent hair removal.

-IPL devices corded units & battery operated/rechargeable.

-IPL style hair removers have very large treatment areas meaning shorter application times.

-IPL units are less expensive than lasers with the ability to replace the high intensity lamp.

Lifespan of Silk’n lamps range from 100,000 to 300,000 flashes and are replaceable. The treatment area for the Silk’n Flash & Go is 1.2 square inches”


What to consider when choosing a home hair remover 

1.) Size of treatment area determines how long each application takes. For example, the Tria Laser has a treatment area of approximately 0.2 square inches while the Silk’n Flash & Go has a treatment area approximately 1.2 square inches. This means treatment times are greatly reduced with an IPL as you can cover large areas in less time. More applications may be required for an IPL unit depending on hair color and skin tone.
2.) Cost of a laser hair remover is higher than IPL units. Tria Laser costs around $425 while Silk’n Flash & Go costs less than $300
3.) Lifespan of the 2 styles can be difficult to compare. Lasers are more effective at removing hair but will have fewer light impulses available. IPL’s provide more light impulses but more applications may be required. Keep in mind that Lasers do not work as well as IPL on light (blonde, grey, white) or red hair.
4.) Corded or cordless is a user preference. If you plan on using your device on vacation or away from an outlet, a cordless unit will be a better choice.
5.) Number of applications required for permanent hair removal. As mentioned above, more treatments are required when using an IPL for permanent hair removal. This can be difficult to access as lasers work more efficiently on darker hair with lighter skin tones while IPL works on most hair colors and skin tones.



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